A Tour of Region 4


Region 4 is one of four that divide the jurisdiction into administrative areas. Regional administrators hold the office of Regional Grand Counsellor (RGC). Region 4, bounded by State borders to the west and south, and the Pacific Ocean to the east, is the largest spanning about 300,000 km² or 36% of the jurisdiction.


The vast Region is understandably further subdivided into 11 administrative Districts. District administrators are appointed to the office of District Grand Inspector of Workings (DGIW) for a period of two years. A DGIW is responsible to RGC for providing proactive leadership and guidance across his District.


Region 4 contains 11 Districts offering 40 Lodges that meet in 33 Masonic Centres. The following pages profile each District and provide the locations and meeting times of Lodges. Whether you are a travelling Freemason, or a man interested in joining your local Lodge, explore the world’s oldest and most honourable fraternity right here.

Meet the Regional Grand Counsellor


RW Bro Dr S. Hogan


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The Next 12 Regional Events

Please note that the calendar details are drawn from the Lodge's regular schedule. Emergent meetings, and meetings opened under dispensation, will not be represented. If traveling please contact the DGIW or Lodge Secretary.