The Structure of the Rite

Grand Constitutions

The universal Grand Constitutions of 1762 govern the Rite world wide. A Supreme Council may issue Regulations that further refine the processes unique, and confined, to its respective jurisdiction.

Global Authority

The Grand Constitutions do not define an autonomous global head. The Rite, like many organisations, has notable and respected publishers; however, none may claim global influence nor authority.

Supreme Councils 33°

The Rite’s highest sovereign authorities are the Supreme Councils 33°, which number over 40, who each preside over their jurisdictions. The world’s Supreme Councils work collaboratively and in harmony.

Meet the Supreme Council 33° for Australia

M∴P∴Bro Morgan 33°

Sovereign Grand Commander

V∴P∴Bro Summerhayes 33°

Lieutenant Grand Commander

M∴Ill∴Bro Pickering 33°

Grand Treasurer General H∴E∴

M∴Ill∴Bro Cucel 33°

Grand Prior

M∴Ill∴Bro Goding 33°

Grand Director of Ceremonies

M∴Ill∴Bro Keane 33°

Grand Chancellor

M∴Ill∴Bro Wilson 33°

Grand Marshal

M∴Ill∴Bro Parkinson 33°

Grand Registrar

M∴Ill∴Bro Hyland 33°

Grand Captain General

M∴Ill∴Bro De Candia 33°

Grand Secretary General H∴E∴

The Australian Jurisdiction





The Supreme Council 33° for Australia governs the entire continent – the largest geographical jurisdiction in the world. The vast expanse of Australia is divided into eight Regions, each administered by a Regional Commander, who also sit on the Supreme Council.

Regions are understandably subdivided into smaller administrative Districts each led and administered by a District Commander. The appointment of District Commander is strictly by invitation from Supreme Council. District Commanders are appointed for a term of five years.

Districts typically offer several Sovereign Chapters and a fewer number of Sovereign Councils, each meeting quarterly. It is not unusual to find a Council and a Chapter within the same locality meeting after each other. An intermission is commonly offered comprising light catering and refreshments.